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…that time I wrote a book.

The Constitution of the United States set forth the minimum age for securing a presidential bid as 35.  I think for that reason, I always believed 35 to be the age where society has set the bar for maturity and wisdom.  I know since Colonial America, many things have changed (such as life expectancy) and I, like Thomas Jefferson, believe that the Constitution should be rewritten every so often to reflect such changes.  I have looked at the age of 35 for quite some time, thinking that I will be “old” at that point; that by the time I reach such an age, I will need to be considered an accomplished person.  I set up a list in my gym locker of all the things I want to accomplish before I turn 35 and I am proud to say that I have just achieved my third one: become a published author.

Working with 19 other talented authors in a crowd-source network online, experts in different areas took to compiling a comprehensive guide for flipping any classroom.  These are not just the do’s and don’ts, but a definitive manual for leveraging technology so all students win.  Remember, teaching always has been and always will be all about the students.  Hopefully in the midst of whatever task one commits to, no one ever loses sight of that.  Everything from a partial flipped class to subject specific tips and anecdotes are covered in this staple of blended learning.

Flipping 2.0: The classroom evolves

Flipping 2.0: The classroom evolves

So the title of this post isn’t totally clear in its indication that “I wrote a book.”  In fact, I co-authored a chapter in this book.  I was fortunate enough to get to work in person with my colleague and educational technology guru, Tom Driscoll.  We spent the better part of the warm school months crafting a narrative in humid classrooms in an effort to help students utilize technology to enhance their learning experience.  One of the truths of the flipped classroom I am sure anyone who flips will find for sure, is that students who are brilliantly savvy in technology literacy now have expanded opportunities for inquiry.  Why not make a marriage of inquiry and technology to promote a deeper understanding of any subject?  Well, that is exactly what Tom and I have been establishing in our classrooms, and that’s exactly what we wrote about.

Join us on twitter September 17 at 9pm ET for a #flipping20 chat moderated by Tom Driscoll, fellow author Troy Cockrum, and project point man Jason Bretzmann.

To purchase a copy, please click Buy Flipping 2.0 or contact me directly.  I do travel quite frequently, so I may be able to hand deliver a copy and save you on shipping costs (it’s reasons like this that USPS is sadly dying).

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