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Two Year Anniversary


Today I celebrated my two year anniversary of teaching! By “celebrated”, I mean I observed the day with joy and smiled when I looked at my calendar this morning.  In fact, I spent this day just like I have spent every other day in recent memory; I stayed at school to plan for tomorrow until I got kicked out so the custodians could lock up at 10:20.  After the regular school day, I had meetings until 3:45, then snuck in an hour and a half work out, corrected for an hour, worked crowd control at a basketball game, and made some quizzes for tomorrow…wouldn’t want to disappoint my classes by not having an announced quiz ready.  The only real difference in today was that I set aside these ten minutes to write, which I strive to do more often, but am frequently bombarded with what seems to be more pressing matters.  Last year a few good amigas/co-workers bought me a cake with some endearing expletives on it, which was nice.  I can’t say I have a sweet tooth, but it made for a good story and it felt nice to have an accomplishment recognized.

I’m pretty good at letting people know I would rather celebrate an accomplishment like attaining and maintaining a job than something like my birthday.  Getting hired to teach was the culmination of years of hard work, studying, testing, studying, planning, studying, money, studying, and trying really hard.  I had no say or conscious awareness in my birth (although I thank my parents for making that happen), so I continue to celebrate the success I make in life, not ones that I simply happened upon.  Here’s hoping I make it to year three.

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