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Off and running with the debate season as we officially move to the first Obama v. Romney showdown on the economy and role of government.  I think back to the first presidential debate to be broadcast on TV between Kennedy and Nixon.  Those who saw the broadcast on TV reported Kennedy as the winner saying Nixon looked distrustful and nervous with shifty eyes and sweating brow/upper lip.  Those who listened over the radio thought Nixon had won the debate.  I wonder what different types of influences there are in this debate.

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Being a Historian

There are too many amazing moments in my life that hit me with a solid impact and slowly fade out of memory because my of my mind’s inability to retain them.  This is a website both to provide me with future nostalgia and to capture the good in the world so it can be shared with others. I attended high school at Sheehan in Wallingford.  In the main cafeteria in my alma mater, there hangs a huge beautiful mural of sorts, along the bottom of which reads, “We Seek to Serve Humanity.”  I must have seen that phrase a thousand times in my four years of passing through those doors, but it never dawned on me that our unofficial school motto would become my life’s mantra.  It wasn’t until college that I actually realized and appreciated the weight of these words.  So here I am to share my journey in trying to make every place I visit a little better, every face I meet a little brighter, and pass along the passion of service to others.

PS- It never made sense to me that people use “an” in front of historian instead of “a” so I have decided to just do what seems right to me.

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